Summer Camps - SFU Burnaby

PLEASE NOTE: Campers must have completed a full year of Kindergarten prior to attending our camps. We offer programs for students who have completed Kindergarten to grade 9.

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At SFU Burnaby we offer a variety of camps, all of which strive to bring university level science to students in grades K-9. This year, each age category will offer multiple uniquely themed camps, giving every camper the opportunity to participate in one or more weeks of Science AL!VE, without overlap!

Camps cost $250 for 5 day programs and $200 for 4 day programs. Camps run 8:30am-3:30pm. We will also be offering pre-care from 7:30am-8:30am ($5/day) and post-care from 3:30pm-5:30pm ($10/day).

Children who require additional supports will be integrated into Science AL!VE provided the required supports can be met without compromising the safety and security of staff, volunteers and campers. Integration of children that require additional supports will be assessed on a case-by-case by Science AL!VE staff in partnership with the parent(s)/guardian(s).


Camp Schedule and Topics

Mini Scientists (Completed Grades K-1 as of June 2019)

Mini Scientists: Dinos

Delve into the exciting world of paleontology and discover all there is to know about the prehistoric giants that once roamed the Earth. How were their fossils made? Why did they go extinct? Why were even the insects of that time period so much larger than any of their counterparts today? Join us for a week of discovery and inquiry into the past.

Mini Scientists: Radical Reactions

Become a chemist for the week in our Mini Radical Reactions camp! Join our team of Super Cool Science Geeks to learn all about reactions and solutions. Discover how chemistry helps to shape the world around us and is in our everyday lives!

Mini Scientists: Makers

Calling all aspiring architects, engineers, designers, and creators. This is the camp for you! Join us for a week of challenging projects where your imagination can take you anywhere from the deepest ocean to the further reaches of our galaxy.

Mini Scientists: Movement

This exciting new camp will be all about everything that moves! From robots to sound waves and muscles to electricity there is movement all around us. Join us for an engaging week of discovery in this general STEM camp.


Quark (Completed Grades 2-3 as of June 2019)

Quark: Gadgets and Gizmos

Back by popular demand this camp will feature all new curriculum! Join us to learn about robots, computer processing, and engineering. Then, learn how that technology can be used create innovative solutions and solve problems.

Quark: Expeditioners

Journey through the many extreme environments found on our planet. Discover what can survive within an active volcano or at the bottom of the ocean. Learn why animals and plants in an ecosystem depend on each other for survival. Put on your adventure hats and find out about the coolest (and hottest) places on the planet.

Quark: MD

Ever wondered how our immune system protects us from viruses or what happens to our muscles when we exercise? Join us as we put on our lab coats and investigate the field of medicine by delving into the wonders of the human body.

Electron (Completed Grades 4-5 as of June 2019)


Our newest Electron camp will have students explore the wonderful fields of STEM research. Students will develop their own science experiment and create a presentation by the end of the week. Interspersed with a variety of hands-on and interactive activities, this camp is sure to be a blast!

Tech (Completed Grades 4-7 as of June 2019)

Tech: The Final Frontier (Space)

The edge of the universe is the only limit in this camp! Put your tech skills to the test as we investigate the STEM behind space travel and exploration. How do we actually get astronauts into space? What is the potential for a trip to Mars? What celestial objects exist in our solar system? Join us to learn all about it.

Tech: LEGO Codemakers

Our ever popular LEGO EV3 sets will be the stars of this camp. Join us to design, build, and program your robot to complete a series of tasks. Learn about how computers process information and how programmers use that when working to create solutions to current problems. If you can dream it, you can program it!

Ion (Completed Grades 6-7 as of June 2019)


This innovation camp will be all about creating a solution to one of the largest problems facing the planet, climate change. Students will develop a potential solution over the course of the week, including a business and marketing plan. What will you come up with?


Interested in computer science and robotics? This is the camp for you. Join us for a week of engineering and design as you code your robots. No previous computer science or coding experience required.

AL!VE Girls

AL!VE Girls Junior: STEMtastic (Completed Grades K-3 as of June 2019)

Interested in STEM but not sure where to start? Join us for a week of STEMtastic discovery in an all-girls environment. Taught by enthusiastic women in STEM, this camp will be full of hands-on and interactive activities from a wide variety of STEM fields.

AL!VE Girls Senior: Trailblazers (Completed Grades 4-7 as of June 2019)

Back by popular demand, this camp bridges STEM with leadership skills. Join us for a week of confidence building and STEM discovery taught by women in STEM. Learn about a variety of STEM fields, historical women in STEM, and how to develop and design your own experiments.

VEX Robotix (Completed Grades 6-9 as of June 2019)

VEX Robotix

This camp for students in grades 6-9 provides an introduction to robotics using VEX Robots. Students will design, build, and code their bots throughout the week culminating in a massive VEX arena challenge!

Below is a schedule of our Summer camps, a camp that has been striked-through means it is currently full and all registrations will go on the waitlist.

Accurate as of June 17, 2019.