Classroom Workshops

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If multiple classes from one school are registering, please schedule them to be on the same day(s).

Our workshops bring enthusiastic instructors to your classroom, to engage students in STEM and the BC Science Curriculum! We combine theory and application with interactive hands-on activities, experiments and demonstrations. Students are able to explore science, engineering and technology in a fun and interactive manner, while satisfying curriculum requirements. To book please email

Please note that due to material limitations we are only able to provide two workshops of the same topic at the same time.

Workshop Costs

  • Our 2 hour workshops are $95 each. Discounts are available for schools that book multiple workshops. These discounts are based on the considerable savings in transportation costs.
  • 2 workshops at $90 each = $180 (Same day: 1 morning, 1 afternoon or 2 morning or 2 afternoon)
  • 4 workshops at $85 each = $340 (Same day: 2 morning, 2 afternoon)
  • 4 workshops at $85 each = $340 (Same day: 4 morning or 4 afternoon)
  • 8 workshops at $80 each = $640 (Same day: 4 morning and 4 morning)

Full time workshops will be available May 9th-June 13th. To see available dates please see the calendar below.

2018 Workshop Topics

Intro to Programming Grades 4-7 - Please note that we are working on an additional computer science workshop as many students have already completed Scratch. If you are looking for a computer science workshop please let us know and additional information regarding the curriculum will be available soon.
Theme: Computer Science and Coding

We are excited to announce our Introduction to Scratch Programming workshop, which will help students understand the ideas behind computer science and coding, get hands on learning and experience in seeing the process of coding. These workshops require a computer lab, or submit a request for a class set of laptops.

Theme: Fantastic Forces

What keeps our feet on the ground? Why does a windmill turn? What keeps magnets on the fridge? In this workshop, our young scientists will be learning about the different forces that are all around us. Join us as we explore the forces of gravity, magnetism, friction and air resistance in this hands-on workshop!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Effects of size, shape, and materials on movement.

Grade 1
Theme: Light and Sound

How do we see colours? What makes things sound different? In this workshop, students will explore how light and sound waves travel and what makes them special. Have you ever wondered what happens when you combine all the different colours of light? Join us to find out!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Properties of light and sound depend on the source and the objects with which they interact.

Grade 2

 Theme: Ecosystems

Join us as we discover the unique ecosystems of British Columbia! Students will learn about the water cycle, as well as resources that are unique and special to our ecosystem, such as salmon and cedar trees. This workshop also includes First Peoples knowledge of the area. Explore our ecosystems and the science behind our incredible province!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Water is essential to all living things, and it cycles through the environment. First Peoples use of knowledge of life cycles.

Grade 3

Theme: Thermal Energy

Why does chocolate melt in a car on a hot day? How can heat travel between objects? Are chemical reactions changed by thermal energy? This workshop will introduce thermal energy and its sources. Explore how it changes chemical reactions and why it is so important!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Thermal energy can be produced and transferred. Energy is needed for life. 

Grade 4
Theme: Spectacular Space

Calling all explorers! The expanses of space are waiting to be discovered! What is the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse? Join us as we learn about our solar system in this galactic workshop.

BC Science Curriculum Links: The effects of the relative positions of the sun, moon, and Earth. 

Grade 5
Theme: Solutions and Solubility

What is a heterogeneous solution? Can salt be removed from sea water? How did salt end up in the water in the first place? Join us as we explore different types of solutions and how they can be created and separated back into their original components. Sign up to see!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Solutions and solubility. Solutions are homogenous. 

Grade 6
Theme: Physics

Why does your body go left when your car turns right? How do Newton’s cradles work? Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of physics and explore how forces influence the world around us. In this hands-on workshop, budding physicists will be given the opportunity to predict, learn and experiment with a variety of different forces. May the forces be with you!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Effects of balanced and unbalanced forces in daily physical activities.

Grade 7
Theme: Chemical Changes

What is the difference between butter melting on toast, and bread becoming toast? Or making ice cubes and frying an egg? This exciting workshop explores the difference between chemical and physical changes. Students will learn about safety, and will be given the opportunity to experiment with a variety of hands-on chemical reactions!

BC Science Curriculum Links: Chemical Changes. 

Sample Schedule*:

School: Name of School             Date: 05/12/15                Contact information:Name, phone and email

Time: 9:00 am -11:15 am (with a 15 min break for recess between 10:30 and 10:45)

Workshop 1 Teacher A Gr. 2 28 kids Room 214
Workshop 2 Teacher B Gr. 5 25 kids Room 222
Workshop 4 Teacher C Gr. 4 29 kids Room 129
Workshop 4 Teacher D Gr. 3 23 kids Room 101


1:00pm-3:00 pm

Workshop 1 Teacher E Gr. 3 28 kids Room 450
Workshop 2 Teacher F Gr. 7 27 kids Room 104
Workshop 3 Teacher G Gr. 2 32 kids Room 211
Workshop 4 Teacher H Gr. 6 29 kids Room 412

*Please note this an example of a typical 8 workshop schedule.  We understand that schools run on a variety of schedules and we can shorten workshops if it works better for your school.  We are flexible with recess and can run fewer workshops if you do not want 8. We allow a maximum of 2 of the same topic running simultaneously (i.e. two morning Radical Reactions workshops).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.  We're happy to modify the schedule to meet your school's needs.