Summer Camps - SFU Surrey

Registration will open at 9:00am on Monday March 26th! Register here!

Any questions? Take a look at our pre-camp package for information regarding where to go and what to bring! You can also go to our FAQ page or contact our office staff who will be happy to help.

Camps cost $225 for 5 day programs and $180 for 4 day programs with the exception of our Tech camps that are $235 for 5 day programs and $188 for 4 day programs. Programs will be offered for students in grades 2-7.

Children who require additional supports will be integrated into Science AL!VE provided the required supports can be met without compromising the safety and security of staff, volunteers and campers. Integration of children that require additional supports will be assessed on a case-by-case by Science AL!VE staff in partnership with the parent(s)/guardian(s). 

Camps Offered

July 3-6

Surrey Junior (Grades 2-3): EngBots 
In our EngBots Camp, campers will learn about robotics and how they are programmed.This camp is an introduction to programming, technology and computer science, and explores how robotics are used in all fields of STEM! Featuring exciting new robot tech, this camp is not one to miss! Watt are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Surrey Senior (Grades 4-7): BioTech
In this brand new camp, delve into the science of Biomedical Engineering, with mentors in the field, and hands-on experience. Learn about prosthetics, and the latest advancements in medical technology. Campers can solve problems, design concepts, and share ideas in this fun and engaging camp! This combination of science and technology is an exciting introduction to applied sci!

July 9-13

Surrey Junior (Grades 2-3): Prehistoric Pathfinders
Venture back into a time before time itself, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and beavers were the size of bears, with Prehistoric Pathfinders! Excavate fossils, examine ancient species, and learn how to research like a paleontologist! This camp will show students that all fields of STEM are involved in the process of discovery, and that there is always more than meets the eye!

Surrey Senior (Grades 4-7): Codemakers
This summer, join us for a week of exploring programming and coding! Campers will explore cyberspace and adventure to a new technological dimension using a variety of technology. Although the name is the same, this camp will have brand new curriculum! Please note: students will not be learning a specific coding language and will instead be exploring computer science through visual programming.

July 16-20

Surrey Junior (Grades 2-3): Fantastic Forensics
Fasten your seatbelts and join us in this Bill-Nye-meets-CSI fantastic world of forensics. Discover why DNA and fingerprints can be used to solve crimes and maybe even solve your very own Science AL!VE mystery.

Surrey Senior (Grades 4-7): Exploration Nation
Interested in science, but unsure where to begin? In Exploration Nation, campers will be transported into the world of STEM. With a different topic every day, campers can test the waters and learn everything from Aerodynamics to Zoology!