Our Team



Alisha Ward, Director 

Amazing Alisha actively advocates for all things environmental. From the treetops to the deepest ocean she loves all aspects of our amazing Earth. In her spare time, Alisha enjoys admiring wonderful whale sharks. Ask her about how you can help protect endangered species.















Samindi Fernando, Director

Snacking Samindi savors sweet snacks and simultaneously studies super sapiens! From head to toe, Samindi loves everything related to the human body and health. Samindi is also a huge fantasy geek! Ask her about how the body responds to fear, like Luke Skywalker in the face of a Rancor!











Jennifer, High School and Volunteer Coordinator

Jurassic Jennifer jives about the study of animals and their health. From canines to felines, she loves all things animal biology. JenChen (her Science Alive name) is certified in K9 First Aid! Ask her about the process of Canine CPR.











Johanna, AL!VE Girls Camp Coordinator

Joking Johanna loves rocks and water. She knows how the Earth formed and how landscapes came to be. Ask her about minerals, the water cycle, or how mountains form, and she will cheerfully provide a humorous answer. 












Kieran, Ion Camp Coordinator

Kinetic Kieran connects components, creating cool contraptions that compute crazy convolutions and calculus equations. Studying Mechatronics Systems Engineering at SFU, he enjoys learning all about cutting-edge technology. Ask him about all the cool ways the robot uprising will change the world!












Lauren, Quark Camp Coordinator

Luminous Lauren loves learning about animals, geography and the environment. She studies Earth’s changing environments and the creatures that live within them. Ask her why sea otters rule BC’s coast!












Marc, Electron Camp Coordinator

Momentous Marc loves making, math and movement! He studies engineering and he can’t wait to start building and creating tomorrow’s cities. Ask Marc about Newton’s Laws of Motion!












Matt, Tech Camps Coordinator

Magnificent medical Matt manufactures doormats on Mondays. He loves all sciences, from Biology, to Physics, to Chemistry. Ask him any of your questions from any science, because he studies them all!










Meagan, Outreach Coordinator

Mighty Meagan makes many marvellous memories while methodically teaching merry and mischievous youth. Her main focuses are Kinesiology and any other magnificent adventures that come her way. Meagan strives to make sure everyone is involved and enjoying science as much as she does.












Reece, Surrey Camps Coordinator

Rocking Reece radiates radio waves in rings to reconnect his ridiculous robots. He studies engineering at Capilano University. Ask him about chemistry, physics, and all innovations!












Shea, Mini Camp Coordinator

Showstopping Shea shines as she surprises students with her love for science! She studies Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University, ask her and she'll share her thoughts on infectious and immunological disease!











Taylor, Science Shows Coordinator

Taylor the Titan treks through the Taiga tracking timber wolves.  Taylor loves exploring the world around him and has a special love and interest in plants, ecological conservation, animal studies and Harry Potter.  Ask me about what trees are found here on campus,  how to successfully grow a venus fly trap and how to produce a potent patronous.