Our Team



Alisha Ward, Director 

Amazing Alisha actively advocates for all things environmental. From the treetops to the deepest ocean she loves all aspects of our amazing Earth. In her spare time, Alisha enjoys admiring wonderful whale sharks. Ask her about how you can help protect endangered species.

















Samindi Fernando, Director

Snacking Samindi savors sweet snacks and simultaneously studies super sapiens! From head to toe, Samindi loves everything related to the human body and health. Samindi is also a huge fantasy geek! Ask her about how the body responds to fear, like Luke Skywalker in the face of a Rancor!












Matt Fogliato, Assistant Director

Magnificent medical Matt manufactures doormats on Mondays. He loves all sciences, from Biology, to Physics, to Chemistry. Ask him any of your questions from any science, because he studies them all!